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Dear Blog, Sorry that I haven’t written lately, but I’ve been busy – honest. It’s so much easier to find time to think about recipes in the winter. Anyway, ciambelloni….. I was under the impression that this was an Italian cake that was always relatively light, plain and simple. But then I kept coming across more and more variations – versions flavoured with saffron or lots of orange zest, decorated versions, denser versions made with shedfuls of butter.... So it seems that there may be as many versions as there are people who cook it and the only real constant is the ring shape. So, not to be outdone, here's my version which has the simple qualities that first got me interested. This cake is good at breakfast time with coffee or as a dessert with sweet wine or any time you like with a cup of tea. It’s pretty easy to make but even easier if you use a free-standing electric mixer. 250 g ricotta 220 g caster sugar 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 tsp vanilla bean paste (or extract