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Macarons d'Amiens

It's more than six years since I bothered you with my general-purpose “traditional” French macaron recipe  and at the time I promised to irritate you still further with my recreation of the macaron from the Picardy town of Amiens . Well, I may be slow but sometimes I do get there in the end. I have a fascination for the traditional food of Picardy not only because it's just across the channel but also because it's so often neglected, even by the French. This particular example of the macaron is said to date back to the sixteenth century, although I'm not pretending that my version is truly authentic. In fact, I've been told that if you make the Amiens macaron in less than three days, then you're not really trying. This type of macaron is sometimes baked in small cake tins, which will give you a more regular shape but I'm pretty confident that the more traditional bakers of Amiens don't do it that way. This version tends to be chunkier than most other