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A Slacker's Christmas Standbys

It's been a difficult kind of year and I know that right now we're all supposed to be making huge efforts to feed vast numbers of people in a festive manner but actually I'm longing for simple and quick recipes. So here are two ridiculously simple dishes that are perfect for that bothersome unexpected Christmas guest and are guaranteed to let you get back to the telly without undue delay. Artichoke Dip If you were around and reading cookery books or magazines in the 1980s then you'll already know this first little cheat. It seemed to turn up just about everywhere and with good reason - it’s useful, speedy and very tasty. Buy a jar of artichoke hearts in oil. Put the contents of the jar in a blender or processor with a squeeze of lemon and a few turns of pepper. Wizz until it's as smooth as you fancy. If the dip is too thick then add a little more oil. Pour into a bowl, drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar or dust with paprika. Serve with some fan