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Fennel Ketchup or It Might Be A Sauce

Every now and then I find that I'm tempted to use certain flavours more and more often until they become a bit of an obsession. Fennel has been a bit like that for me in recent times. This ketchup definitely satisfies the fennel craving with a serious hit of flavour. I'm not sure that this is  truly a ketchup and I've probably used it more often as a sauce for chicken, pork or seafood combined with pasta or rice. It's made using the same technique as a ketchup but with less vinegar and sugar than you might expect. As a result, it won't keep as long as a typical ketchup, so store it in the fridge if you're using it in the next few days, or freeze it if you need to keep it longer. This makes around 350 ml of ketchup or 3 to 4 portions if used as a sauce. 1 onion (I like to use red onions in pickles and ketchups but it’s not really critical) 1 bulb of fennel 2 cloves of garlic (3 if they’re small) ¼ - ½ chilli (depending on how hot the chilli t