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Yoghurt Bread

This yoghurt bread is a soft, close-crumb, light bread that's great for breakfast but, I think, works well with savoury dishes too. I like it toasted and served with pâté. It's my alternative to a slice or two of brioche when I don't want too much sweetness or richness.  Not for the first time, I'm happy to allow my breadmaker to get on with the hard graft of making the dough for this bread. (Actually, this isn't a difficult or irksome dough to make if you don't use a breadmaker, but I've got other things to be getting on with.) I first came across similar yoghurt breads in France and so I tend to use a French T65 flour in this recipe (there's something about the softness of the flour that seems to work well) but other white bread flour will be fine.  I prefer to use a Greek-style 0% fat yoghurt for this bread but richer, higher fat yoghurts will be good too. It's best to avoid very thick, strained yoghurts, though. 1 tsp dried, fast-action yeast 225